The Really Regenerative Centre CIC

A learning centre dedicated to facilitating the emergence of a regenerative economy in Sussex.


Our mission is to reconnect people to the place in which they live and work, and to help communities, projects and businesses find ways to bring a regenerative economy into being.

Bringing People & Place together to Activate Potential

How do we come together to activate the systemic changes we need to the way in which humans inhabit this planet – this place – we call home?  This question is at the heart of our work at Really Regenerative.

We work to regenerate and reconnect a thriving pattern of life between people and place in a way that allows the best future potential for all life to thrive.

To achieve that we believe we must look at the role a busienss, community or project plays in the interconnected systems that surround it. We seek out the acupuncture points for positive change that will ensure we heal the story of separation between people and planet. We curate, facilitate and help navigate the challenging conversations of how the systems we currently live in need to change in order to create a new story of togetherness and potential.

“It remains an unalterable truth that, just as a sound mind depends on a sound body, so the health of cities depends on the health of rural areas. …To restore a balance between cities and rural life is perhaps the greatest task in front of modern man”

E F Schumacher 1974