Climate Learning Journeys


Interactive Learning

Workshops for teams and groups to develop understanding of the tensions between fulfilling human needs and designing economies where all life thrives on a finite planet.

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How do we learn how to balance the tensions between human needs and life on a finite planet in the future?

Navigating the tension between human needs and preserving life on earth.

We humans have many different needs to fulfil if we are to thrive as a species.  Our fundamental needs include subsistence, affection, protection, understanding, participation, leisure, creativity, identity and freedom.

Yet often these collide with the challenge we face of designing a way of living on a finite planet under threat of extinction.

There are few places in which we can explore the very real emotions and anxiety these tensions arouse in us.

That’s where Climate Learning Journeys come in!

What are Climate Learning Journeys?

Climate Learning Journeys are for groups and teams who want to explore the tensions between human needs and preserving life on a finite planet under threat of extinction – through interactive games.

Sometimes it is just easier to talk about challenging subjects and emotive issues while playing a board game that is designed to help you explore your fears, blind spots and biases – and work on them.

We use a number of different international games which have been designed to help humans learn about sustainable development, climate change, human impact and making difficult decisions and impossible choices.  Sometimes we focus on climate change, other times we explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals, at others we help you look into how your organisation is having a positive and negative impact on the world.

We meet with you to discuss:-

  • What kind of personal and leadership development issues you would like to work on?
  • What aspects of future planetary resilience you would like your teams to work on
  • How you would like to look at the tensions that exist within the work your organisation and your teams do, and how they currently deal with them

Then we design a learning experience using the most appropriate tools for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Climate Learning Journeys held?

We can hold Climate Learning Journeys wherever is most convenient for you. We can host them in your own offices, or alternatively source a venue closeby. All that is needed is a large room which can accommodate a number of small tables for 4-8 people.

How many people can participate?

We can accommodate any number of people but we have found the most successful groups are between 30-50 people.

Can you host a Climate Learning Journey as part of a company wide event?

Yes. If you would like to host a Climate Learning Journey as part of a company event or conference involving large numbers of people, we just need a little longer to plan.

What interactive learning games are used?

We will discuss with you which learning experiences are most appropriate for your team. We use Less Is Max, The World Game, The SDG Game, and MIT’s Climate Interactive Solutions.

What can we expect people to learn?

Interactive learning enables people to develop a deeper understanding of the systems shaping our world.

Depending on the games chosen people can learn about:

  • How to consider the impact on the environment when creating solutions which deliver against human needs such as housing, education, leisure.
  • The impacts of chosing climate solutions such as energy efficiency, carbon pricing, fossil fuel taxes, reducing deforestation, and carbon dioxide removal, on the future of climate change
  • Explore key technology and policy solutions for addressing global warming. The game is conducted as a simulated emergency climate summit organised by the United Nations that convenes global stakeholders to establish a concrete plan that limits warming to Paris Agreement goals.

How long do Climate Learning Journey’s last?

Climate Learning Journey’s can be tailored to your group. We recommend a minimum session of 2 hours. To really deepend the learning experience, 3-4 hours, an afternoon or evening session are recommended.

What is the cost?

The cost is dependent on the amount of people and the length of the learning journey.  Examples for a group of 50 people for a 2 hour session focused on Human Needs & The Enviroment including all materials and 4 hosts:-

Corporate Fee:  £ 750.00
At Cost Fee: £ 550.00
Gifting Fee: £350.00

Our Gift Economy Policy

The Really Regenerative Centre operates a gift economy policy.  You can read more about our gifting economy policy here.


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