Designing Emergent Strategy

We support organisations to design transformative change in systems.


Really Regenerative’s work is to support the transformation from an extractive and degenerative economy and culture to a regenerative, life-centred future in which place-based organisations can create the conditions conducive to life in the places they live, love and work.

Our work – through open and internal learning journeys, convening multi-stakeholder groups, reconciling and harmonising the challenges that arise between multi-stakeholder projects and supporting the development of centres that support the journey of transformation – is entirely focused on actualising the power of transformative change – in place. .

We exist to help you create transformative change towards revitalised communities, regenerative economies, vibrant environments and trusted institutions.

Co-Creative & Collaborative Strategy


Discovering the unique evolutionary potential of your organisation or project can be challenging. What is the deep essence of your organisation, your project or at the heart of the change you want to catalyse? What is the role that only your organisation, with all its unique history, culture and qualities, can play in creating the regenerative and resilient future we need – for ourselves, for all species, for the life support systems on which we depend?

We help place-based organisations to develop a vision for the role they can uniquely play in the emergence of regenerative futures in the places in which they are systemically nested.  We support them to develop pathways towards that vision that are adaptable and emergent, and bring new viability and vitality across ecology, economy and culture – and sometimes all three!

DESIRE – Designing Irresistible Circular Cities

In 2022 Really Regenerative was invited to join a consortium proposing a process of experimental transformative change in urban environments to the EU New European Bauhaus Programme.  Our role has been to challenge the boundaries of thinking and to introduce regenerative design and culture into the project.

Desire experiments with creating sustainable, attractive, and inclusive urban spaces which respect the limited resources of the planet, with the recycling of materials, and in interaction with citizens, artists, architects, designers, urban planners, contractors, builders, knowledge institutions, and other organisations.

In short – Desire creates irresistible change. We are one of the European Commission’s six New European Bauhaus lighthouse demonstrators. The New European Bauhaus initiative wants to bridge the worlds of art, design, architecture, culture, and education with science and technology in the green transition – and to get a new generation of green-social builders and artists involved. 

Desire will create a movement that sets new standards and develops methods for how Europe transforms existing urban spaces and creates new neighbourhoods through urban development, renovation and construction with respect for the planet and people’s different ways of living.

Read our interim report on our work with DESIRE in Kalundborg and Riga.



In 2023 WWF Cymru joined our signature learning journey Power of Place to explore how to bring regenerative design to an emerging project Wholescapes.

Wholescapes is an experimental programme hosted in WWF UK to examine how the organisation can design systemic innovation across ecology, economy and culture to enhance and accelerate ecological conservation.  One of the key projects is in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

In 2023 we carried our an evaluation of how the programme design is incorporating living systems principles, and how these can be further embedded in the programme as it progresses.  We are now supporting WWF Cymru to develop key systemic interventions in the region over the next 2 years.



“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi