Our Gift Economy Policy

Based on nature’s mutualism.

We take all our inspirations from the way in which nature has worked for 3.8 billion years. Mutualism is a key strategy for thrivability in nature.

Anemonae provide a protective habitat for the clown fish who has a protective mucus coat to protect him from their poisonous sting.

Bull horn acacias provide nutrients and housing for acacia ants in return for protection from herbivores thanks to a mutualistic relationship.

All our events and services are offered in the spirit of open sharing. We will not seek to trademark or register anything we do since we do not believe the existing models which seek to control and limit the endeavours and contributions of all serve the greater good or the transformation we need.  Therefore please feel free to use any copy you see on our website, feel free to use the same titles for our events.  If you like the images please note that many of the images used on our website come from Pixabay and Unsplash. Please check and credit the photographers where possible. 

We’re committed to being truly inclusive. We focus our efforts on connection. Through The Really Regenerative Centre CIC we want to offer an alternative model that supports relationships which contribute towards a culture of regeneration and renewal.

We want to enter into relationships with people we work with and for in the spirit of being  co-creators and collaborators in the transformation to a regenerative economy, not competitors. We recognise that not eveyone will agree with our non-competition mindset.

We believe that the practice of mutual generosity is fundamental to a regenerative economy. The basis of the gift economy we operate – is “give what you can, take what you need”.

When we set costs for our projects, events and services, we will include rates of suggested contribution. The middle rate reflects the basic real cost required to make the events or service viable. We are a community inteest company and we get our funding from many different sources. From institutions and funders, from generous supporters and sometimes volunteers – although we believe strongly everyone should be paid something for whatever they do – even if they chose it not to be monetary. 

We don’t have any independent means of financing the events other than through seeking funding or sponsorship. We do need financial support to make the events viable. If you are a company or person that can offer more than the middle rate we suggest, then please do. This will help to support the on-going development of the work and enable others who can afford less.

We are also open to discussing donations in the form of skill sharing and other offers of work to support the development of Really Regenerative.