Regenerative Practitioner

Email: joel@astonhooper.com


I am a regenerative practitioner, researcher and business executive. Having published research in the fields of biology and psychology, I have always been interested in all aspects of what it is to be human, and the place of humans in the living world. I have known many forms of extractive systems and I am committed to inspiring growth in the current self-world views that are the source of our various predicaments.


What I Do Best

As a Practitioner I know how tough it can be to create meaningful change in the complexities of the real world. I also know that it is possible and there is nothing more satisfying to me than working with people to develop themselves, their teams, their commitment and their systems – all at the same time – raising the whole system and everyone in it, up to a higher level of potential. This is at the heart of regenerative practice. 

As a Researcher I love to think deeply about important things. With the increasing access to information sources of mixed quality, what really matters is Insight. The higher potential of ourselves and our systems can only be realised by doing the work to understand the source of then way things are, the core patterns that make things what they are, and then working consciously with those essential patterns.

As a regenerator I work with clients to bring deeper patterns to the surface, so that we can work together at the source. Thought, feeling, observation, intuition and imagination are all needed to truly appreciate the higher potential inherent in all living entities and systems. It also requires course…. courage to allow something truly new to emerge.


Articles, Talks & Videos

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