Learning Journeys & Research Programme

The Really Regenerative Centre CIC provides high-quality training for activists, change makers, and organisations.

We collaborate with major stakeholders in our bioregions to carry out research which informs the emergence of a regenerative economy.

We take an integral approach – combining personal, inter-personal and systemic transformation. We look for systemic responses to systemic challenges – building capacity for transformational change.

A Learning Programme

We’re living at a time of great disruption and change which contains both great peril and promise. The fierce urgency of our climate change, the relentless collapse of our ecology and environmental stability, the stalling of growth in the neoliberal economic model, increasingly weak political leadership, and a deep sense of social injustice, are the rubble from which something new can emerge.

But it is not easy to lead, develop collective agency or maintain robust resilience in the face of unrelenting shocks, unpredictable systemic shifts and after a decade of constant crisis. A commitment to constant learning and development helps; coupled with robust research and data that can be trusted because it has been sourced from people who do not respond to the whim o corporate sponsorship – all of us.

At the heart of The Really Regenerative Centre is our learning and research programme. By bringing together diverse groups in learning journeys, creating cutting edge courses on effective and transformative collaboration, as well as innovative applications of deeper reflective and contemplative approaches to empower changemakers, we hope to raise the capacity for sustainable activism in our bioregions.

Our courses and training programmes will offer the opportunity to explore and deepen learning about regenerative design and practice.

The Power of Place

With special guests (tbc) Dianne Dredge (tourism), Daniel Christian Wahl (bioregionalism), Giles Hutchins (leadership).

Spring 2021 | Autumn 2021

A Journey for city, town & regional authorities, for tourism professionals, for architects, developers, estate owners and farmers alike.

Our current economic, social and political systems are responsible for exponential inequalities in wealth and opportunity, resulting in massive suffering for billions of people. They are having a dramatic impact on essential planetary life support systems to the point where those systems are unable to maintain the benign balance of the last 10,000 years. There are, perhaps, only a few decades left in which we can address these life support systems before they run beyond all hope of our effect.

We are at a moment of breakdown and breakthrough. We have reached a tipping point. Can we make this a turning point for our species? Do we have time to transform our systems or are we already committed through climate feedback loops to the destruction of the ecological systems we rely on to survive?

We believe we need to deeply reconnect to the place in which we are so lucky to life. From the acknowledgement of the miracle of the one blue planet we know, to the wildlife and flora of our local woods, and the love and togetherness of our communities – on this Journey we will learn how reconnection to place holds the key to the transformation of our future.



The Regenerators Journey

In partnership with Regenerators & Laura Storm

Spring 2020 | Autumn 2020

We live in times of overwhelming breakdowns and breakthroughs. As we continue to struggle with the immediate emergency and impact of the global coronavirus pandemic, we are also called to pause. To stop. To listen. To sense into the potential for something new and different to emerge within us and our organizations from this crisis.

It takes courageous, optimistic people to steer us in the right direction, to resist the collective impulse to just ‘get back to normal’. There is no normal. There is just an opportunity for a new normal to emerge, to evolve.  

The world urgently needs sense-makers, change-agents, creatives, executives, HR professionals, coaches, consultants, architects – leaders from all walks of life – to dare blaze entirely new trails and rebuild our systems in new thriving and resilient ways.

The Regenerators Journey is a 12 week exploration of the key pillars of regenerative culture and design for people wanting to accelerate their regenerative leadership.

There are currently no dates planned for 2021 but do join out mailing list for future announcements.



Becoming Imaginal Cells

A Community of Practice – To Be Announced in 2021

This intensive 9 month experience, curated by regeneratve practitioner Jenny Andersson and will bring together leaders for change who believe in the power of the business system to bring transformative change to people and planet.

The Imaginal Cells Experience is for future creatives, wholeness coders, evolutionary catalysts, pattern weavers and new paradigm storytellers. It is as place in which  we imagine a transformation from siloed, mechanistic business models to integrated, connected, holistic business models that mimic the way in which life works. We envision a world where business as nature is business as usual.

We’ll also learn through case studies and live interviews with transformational businesses, how to enact theories of change. We’ll study tools, practices and techniques which activate regenerative culture and strategy in our current uncertain and turbulent business environments.



A Knowledge Centre

In Donella Meadows vision for a chain of bioregional learning centres around the world, she anticipated they would be able to help citizens become the bearers of the kind of knowledge that allows that person to be a steward of the planet. She imagined centres where information and models about resources and the environment were housed. They would contain people with excellent minds and tools, but would not be walled off from the lives of everyday people or processes. They would be at home with farmers, miners planners and heads of state – and would be able to both listen and talk to all of them.

In our first year we plan to bring together a coalition of people and organisations with the skills to examine and research what the concept of thresholds and allocation for bioregional resilience in Sussex might look like. This is an ambitious project which will take some time and significant funding to realise, but we believe it is an important foundation for the future.