Regenerative Learning Journeys

Building the capability and will to transform the places we live love and work into Places for Life.


Really Regenerative’s learning journeys help aspiring regenerative designers and practitioners who’s life’s work is to create the conditions conducive to life in the places they live, love and work.

Our programmes are designed to help you embrace the role of being catalysts for transformation to the regenerative futures across the places and systems you work in.

We exist to help you drive change towards revitalised communities, regenerative economies, vibrant environments and trusted institutions.

Our Learning Journeys


Is our signature 9 month learning journey in regenerative design and development. It is a deep dive for people who want to be part of the transformation to a regenerative future – and want to regenerate our living and human systems – ecology, economy and culture – from place.

We explore how we can all become healers in the stories of separation that divide us from the vibrant interconnection with nature and with each other.

We unlearn the mechanistic fragmentation and relearn the art of interbeing.

Together we find ways to understand the places we work in from a living mind, how to create centres of energy between diverse stakeholders that can withstand the winds of transformative change, and learn how to evolve the potential of the places and systems we work in through our projects, organisations and leadership.

Since its inception in 2021, over 500 organisations and individuals have developed foundational knowledge in how to apply living systems principles to create transformative change in the places and systems in which they work.

Participants form life-long bonds as collaborators across multi-disciplinary and transcontextual fields to create the conditions conducive to life that are the heritage and role of our human species.


Beyond Polarisation

Regenerative practice offers a radically different way to approach polarisation through a reconciling practice that seeks to move entrenched positions towards future potential rather than problem-solving or conflict resolution.

This 5 week programme offers insights into regenerative practice for reconciliation:-

  • Understanding the root causes of the story of separation between humans and humans.
  • Sharing different practices for reconciling our internal and external responses to polarisation
  • Working with frameworks that help groups and communities see value in each other and move beyond rigid ‘stuckness’ into a regenerative future

Convening Fields of Energy

Life is relational and contextual. We only truly exist in relationship to others. It’s how we understand the world around us. It’s how we understand ourselves.

So many forms of stakeholder engagement are short-term, extractive and don’t stand up to the demands of transformative change. How can we come together in ways that allow us to withstand the winds of change over the time it takes to create change that lasts?

This 12 week programme in Convening Fields of Energy is designed to help you:-

  • develop regenerative engagement practices that add mutual value and understanding to stakeholder engagement
  • use regenerative design principles to create scaffolding and stabilising nets needed for emergent relationship and contextual change to flourish over time
  •  understand how to migrate fields of energy to long term centres for change


Working with Frameworks

A transformative framework captures a universal truth. Something that helps to de-veil patterns and processes that are common across the world but often remain unseen or misunderstood.

Some people love frameworks. Others not so much. We are people that love them for the clarity they bring to the complexity we are all trying to learn to dance with.

In this 5 week programme we introduce you to:-

  • the concept of framework thinking and design
  • some of the most powerful and effective frameworks we use in regenerative work
  • practice with you on real situations you are struggling with to learn how to achieve transformative change through frameworks

Finding Nodes in Systems

If we want to create transformative change in the systems in which we are embedded – economic, cultural, ecological – we need to be able to see, sense and think in systems, and design for evolution – in other words constant change not short term or end goals. We also need to be able to find the critical nodes in those systems where an intervention we design is the ‘difference that makes the difference‘ to the future.

In this 6 week programme we will:

  • explore the basics of systems thinking and evolution
  • use key frameworks and tool to map and visualise the systems in which we work
  • learn how to identify the critical nodes for change
  • explore how to design and evaluate the process of regenerative work in context of constant evolution and change

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi