At Nibthwaite Grange Farm, The Lake District


It takes courageous, optimistic people to steer us in the right direction, to resist the collective impulse to just ‘get back to normal’. There is no normal. There is just an opportunity for a new normal to emerge, to evolve.

This series of practical interactive learning workshops is for people who want to seize the opportunity of building back better to bring harmony to our relationship with nature and each other.

What does it mean to be Regenerative?

There is no doubt we are in a time of extraordinary change. Change is constant in our lives – but the change happening around us is threatening the stability of our planetary life support systems – waterways, oceans, forests, soil, biodiversity – all the interconnected systems that make life happen.

The way in which our global economy works has been extractive for a long time. Extracting value from nature without recognising it is a finite resource. Extracting heart, vitality and value from each other through poor employment practices, disrespect for diversity, everyday racism and sexism, inequality of all kind without recognising that this story of separation and division eventually breaks down a society into polarised groups – just when we all need to pull together.

1: an act or the process of regenerating : the state of being regenerated
2 : spiritual renewal or revival
3 : renewal or restoration of a body, bodily part, or biological system (such as a forest) after injury or as a normal process


Regenerative design, culture and leadership seeks to do two things.

  • Help us to move from a degenerative and extractive way of living and working to one which renews, replenishes and regenerates – both nature and ourselves.
  • Help us view the world through a different lens – one which is able to see the interconnections between nature and humans and find ecosystemic acupuncture points for change.

The world urgently needs sense-makers, change-agents from all walks of life – business people, farmers, community leaders, artists, tourism professionals, landonwers – to dare blaze entirely new trails and rebuild our systems in new thriving and resilient ways.

Are you looking for the opportunity to step courageously forwards? Are you longing for a community of kindred spirits to journey with and share with as you grow?

If this is you, you’re invited to come along for a journey into unchartered waters that will activate your agency, capacity and ability to lead yourself, and bring about change.

We offer a creative space for you during this challenging time and inspire you with the knowledge, tools and wisdom needed to redesign our world – starting with ourselves – in inspiring spaces and small numbers.


Friday 17th September 3-6pmA Powerful Role for Humans on Earth
How do we begin to think differently about our relationship with the natural world and each other. What if we considered that humans aren’t just ‘here’ but have a powerful role to play in evolution on earth? How can we play a part in healing that story?

Saturday 18th September 9-12am Nature’s Living Systems
What can we learn from nature? Nature has 3.8 billion years of practice and wisdom. How can we learn from her?

Saturday 18th September 2-5pm Finding a Regenerative Role
If humans have a powerful role to play on earth, how do we each find out what our role is? How do we work out how our work and projects can have a deeper role in healing nature and ourselves?

Sunday 19th September 10-1pm Thinking & Leading Regeneratively
Einstein famously said you can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them. So how do we change our ways of thinking to be more regenerative?


Friday 8th October 2-6pm Developing a Regenerative Roadmap
A roadmap has a destination. How can we imagine a different kind of long-term goal and design a roadmap forwards that is flexible and can respond more easily to constant change?

Saturday 9th October 9-12pm Regenerative Storytelling & Communications
How can we be more regenerative in our storytelling and communications with others?

Saturday 9th October 2-5pm A Coalition of the Willing
Collaboration and bringing polarised communities together can help us solve complex problems. Many brains are better than one. It sounds easy but it’s often harder than we think. How can we build stakeholder guilds that have deep resilience to deliver change and stay together when the going gets tough?

Sunday 10th October 10-1pm Designing for Uncertainty
How do we live, love and work in uncertaint times? How do we stay steady and courageous as humans and communities in the face of constant uncertainty in the world?


Each of the workshops builds over the two weekends to offer an introductory look at what being regenerative in the world is about. In each workshop we experience a taste of which it is like to work regeneratively with an important question. We’ll work together to find practical action we can each take.

You will gain most value from joining all the workshops, but they have also been designed to deliver stand-alone value. So if you’re stretched for time, you know that you will still be gaining valuable knowledge and insights from attending individual workshops or a single weekend.

You can join our Regenerative Leadership weekends in a number of different ways. You can:-

  • Join every single workshop over both weekends
  • Join for one weekend only
  • Join individual workshops


It’s important that any group who comes together to explore something new can do so in an atmosphere that’s relaxed, trustworthy and safe. So we always work on Chatham House rules. What we share in the room stays in the room.  So….

  • We take time to ‘land’. Relationship before Task is an important principle so we take time to get to know one another.
  • Our host, Jenny Andersson, will share knowledge and principles about regenerative leadership that apply to the workshop, with you as a group.
  • We’ll work together in pairs and small groups to explore how to apply what we’ve learned to our own work.
  • We’ll come back together to share our insights with the whole group.

Each day there will also be an opportunity for a tour of Maria and John’s beautiful farm at Nibthwaite Grange Farm to learn how they are applying regenerative principles to their work, and how they have diversified their business for greater resilience.

Our Refund Policy

Full refunds will be given up to and including 10th September 2021 for Weekend 1 and up to 30th September 2021 for Weekend 2. Thereafter no refunds unless the courses are prevented by further travel restrictions imposed by government or local authorities



NIBTHWAITE GRANGE FARM, Ulveston, Lake District

The home of Dodgson Wood produce, Nibthwaite Farm is owned and run by regenerative farmers Maria Benjamin and John Atkinson. The Atkinson’s have farmed Nibthwaite Grange for six generations and have lived in the surrounding area since records began six hundred years ago.

The farm specialises in conservation grazing, keeping traditional breeds of livestock including some rare breeds of cattle and sheep.

We’ll meet together as a small group of 10 aspiring Regenerators in the farm’s new learning centre built in 2020 by students of The Grizedale Arts.



I am a regenerative strategist, trusted adviser and agent for change who walks side by side with brands, organisations, cities and leaders who want to be part of the movement to create a new regenerative economy.  As a strategist, facilitator and educator,  I harness the power of the collective intelligence of communities to co-create visions for the future they want – and find the vitalising energy, psychological safety and will to sustain long term change.

I care deeply about healing the story of separation between humanity and nature, and between humans themselves through divisive cultural, social and economic barriers. I believe strongly in the power of connection between people and place. My work helps to surface the bio-culturally unique stories of people and place which set and sustain vision to travel to tomorrow’s regenerative future

I am co-founder of The Really Regenerative Centre CIC – a community interest company helping business owners to develop resilient, integrated, and regenerative economies and ecologies through learning journeys which explore the potential of place. I designed The Regenerators Journey series for aspiring regenerative practitioners together with my colleague Laura Storm. I host Connectle’s Regenerative Business series of interviews, and the Activate The Future platform on Medium that shares regenerative stories and voices from around the world.”

As a lifelong systemic thinker, I have often been gifted the epithets  ‘dot-joiner’ ‘neo-generalist’  ‘sense-maker’ and ‘pattern weaver’. I call on 30+ years of experience developing communications strategies for change for global purpose-led brands and scale-ups. I hold an MBA from London Business School, MSc in Psychology, am a qualified Regenesis Regenerative Practitioner and applied Biomimicry for Social Innovation practitioner,  a founding member of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics Action Lab design team, and sit on the board of Coast2Capital the local economic partnership for Sussex and Surrey.