Run in collaboration with The Regenerators, this programme is for trailblazing sense-makers, change-makers, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, strategists, and innovators who are ready to lead organizations towards a regenerative era.


The world urgently needs sense-makers, change-agents, creatives, executives, HR professionals, coaches, consultants, architects – leaders from all walks of life – to dare blaze entirely new trails and rebuild our systems in new thriving and resilient ways.

Are you looking for the opportunity to step courageously into the emerging future? Are you longing for a community of kindred spirits to journey with and share with as you grow? Are you called to seize this unprecedented opportunity for renewal of our human values and the regeneration of our lives, organizations and planetary ecosystems?


If this is you, you’re invited to come along for a journey into unchartered territory over the next 10 weeks. A journey that will activate your agency, capacity and ability to bring about change in your organisation.

We want to offer a sacred space for you during this challenging time and inspire you with the knowledge, tools and wisdom needed to redesign our world – starting with ourselves.

the regenerators journey

Our theory of change for a brighter future is deeply rooted in the belief that we must increase and enhance the potential for women to lead transformative change in the world. We have a strong sense that women more easily carry the qualities, virtues and values that are desperately needed to create the systemic change that will bring about the open, green and inclusive future we want. 

A Regenerative Perspective

What is the root of our current crisis? What has brought us to an existential crisis where the future of our species, and many others, are at risk of extinction? We begin our journey by exploring the story of separation; between nature and humankind, between masculine and feminine energy, between race, gender, nation, between our left and right brain drivers and between us and our Self. We will explore how existing narratives about economic thought have contributed to creating a destructive and extractive economy and why it is important to redesign our thinking.

Aligning with Nature &

Living Systems

What do we have to help us on our journey? We explore the intelligence of nature to support us in our evolutionary journey. We look at the principles of living systems and how we apply them to business. How do we create the conditions conducive for life to thrive We dive into the 7 key characteristics of how life works and translate these to life, business, leadership and organisations. and learn about the DNA Model of Regenerative Leadership. We map our own personal ecosystems, and explore ways in which we can become ecosystem engineers.


Being a Systems Thinker

A plunge into the heart of systems thinking, the foundational skill of regenerative leaders. We cover the princples of systems thinking, learn how to see the systems in which our organisations sit; test out tools and techniques to map systems, and take a voyage through Donella Meadows roadmap for creating interventions in systems. We’ll also look at systemic change through product design, community building, self-managed organisational design and culture.

Qualities & Practices

What qualities, principles and practices do regenerative leaders need to develop? We’ll look at how we balance the qualities of masculine and feminine psychology, the values we need to hold, and find our way to a different state of being. We’ll explore the qualities of presencing, coming into coherence and alignment, practising patience and wareness, holding the space for courage and abundance, celebrating the value of silence and recognising when and where it is needed, and how to find and hold our boundaries in turbulent times.

Emerging Frameworks

How would we redesign organisations according to regenerative practices? In this module we’ll look at organisations that have transformed their businesses in many different ways. We are introduced to self-organised models, deliberately developmental organisations, distributed and decentralised leadership. We’ll explore the many different frameworks that help us move towards a transformed state – from The Natural Step, the UN SDGs, Future-Fit Benchmarks to Three Horizons model of innovation and The Presencing Institute’s Theory U.



Laura Storm has for the past 15 years headed and created multiple global organizations in the intersection between business, sustainability, climate change policy, innovation and leadership. She is the co-author of “Regenerative leadership – the DNA of life-affirming 21st century organisations” and teaches leaders in the new regenerative leadership paradigm through the collective Regenerators that addresses regenerative design, leadership, culture and living.

For her work she has been awarded the title “Worldchanger” by Greenbiz and is selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and Sustainability Expert. Sustainable Brands recently named her one of the 30 women who are leading sustainability and regeneration. She serves on multiple Boards, either as chair or board member. She also hosts the podcast Cracks of Light – Leadership for a thriving world that engage leaders in a dialogue around the paradigm shift towards a world where purpose, people, planet & profit collectively thrive.


Jenny is a creative strategist and trusted advisor to CEOs in business, social enterprise and NGOs, who has worked for over 30 years with global organisations, working with brands that are accelerating a shift from sustainability to regenerative strategies.

She calls on extensive experience developing communications strategies for purpose-led brands and scale-ups to deliver world-class facilitated interventions which deliver results. She is a trained facilitator with extensive knowledge of applying a wide variety of frameworks to business change, incuding The Natural Step, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Future-Fit Benchmarks, and takes inspiration from her training in biomimicry for social innovation. She is a Theory U and Art of Hosting practitioner.

She is currently CEO of We Activate The Future, a strategy and narrative development consultancy; and co-founder of The Really Regenerative Centre CIC – a community interest company helping business and citizens of Sussex to develop resillient, integrated, and regenerative economies and ecologies through learning initiatives.

Who is this for?

  • Senior leaders in HR and Sustainability who see the benefit of bringing together People & Planet
  • Ambitious community builders and municipal leaders who want to transform the way in which we live in cities
  • Energetic entrepreneurs whose scale-up organisations are activating transformative change through advanced technology
  • Imaginative leaders who believe we can transform the world through education
  • Courageous optimists who are ready to tackle the systems in front of them whether the food system, the education system, the political system


WEEK 1: April 30, 3-5.30 pm CET: Opening gathering and first Knowledge Session. Regenerative thinking – a new perspective.

WEEK2: MAY 7, 3-5 pm CET: Group Circle Week

WEEK 3: May 14, 3-5 pm CET:
Aligning to nature and living systems.

WEEK 4: MAY 21, 3-5 pm CET: Group Circle Week

WEEK 5: MAY 28, 3-5 pm CET
Thinking in Systems for Business: Identifying Acuncture Points

WEEK 6: JUNE 4, 3-5 pm CET: Group Circle Week

WEEK 7: JUNE 11, 3-5 pm CET:
Qualities, Principles & Practices for Future Stewards

WEEK 8: JUNE 18, 3-5 pm CET: Group Circle Week

WEEK 9: JUNE 25, 3-5 pm CET
Emerging Frameworks for the Journey

WEEK 10: JULY 2, 3-5.30 pm CET
Closing video conference and reflection



The flow of the Journey is designed to be a mixture of learning and exploratory dialogue on alternate weeks. On learning weeks Laura and Jenny will share knowledge and experience after which there will be an opportunity for Q&A and group discussion. In the  dialogue weeks, we’ll dive deeper into a set of reflective questions together, and in our cohort groups.

The focus for the 10 weeks is to develop your personal strategy for stepping further in to your role as a co-catalyst of the regenerative era. Your journey towards becoming a regenerative leader and change agent. Our role is to hold space for your process, inspire your journey and give you some of the key pillars and wisdom of a new regenerative way.

To keep things simple in this time of confusion and disruptive change, there are no detailed pre-session readings or course project to completel. Our key mission to inspire and empower your journey – not further overwhelm you at this critical time. We’re here to hold the space while you explore new insights, perspectives and ideas. You will, however, get access to a rich library of resources to dive deeper and explore the areas which light you up the most.

We will gather online every week for 10 weeks in 2 different ways:

Knowledge week: These weeks we will hold a masterclass and online Q&A exploring one of the 5 main topics of this journey. We will offer a masterclass on the topic and then open up for a Q&A with the entire group. You can view the masterclass live or watch the recording later. The recording will be available to you after the completion of this journey.

Group Circle Week: These weeks are dedicated for diving deep with your group of 4-6 fellow travelers. Jenny and Laura will each time kick the session off by setting the scene for the deep dives in the groups and offer a set of reflective questions and how you could go about exploring these in your groups. After the group discussions, we will reconvene and share reflections in plenum and in the discussion forum.