vitalising your agency as a regenerative agent of change


At Nibthwaite Farm, The Lake District, October 31st, 2020

We live in times of overwhelming breakdowns and breakthroughs. As we continue to struggle with the immediate emergency and impact of the global coronavirus pandemic, we are also called to pause. To stop. To listen. To sense into the potential for something new and different to emerge within us and our organizations from this crisis.

It takes courageous, optimistic people to steer us in the right direction, to resist the collective impulse to just ‘get back to normal’. There is no normal. There is just an opportunity for a new normal to emerge, to evolve.

This regenerative learning journey is for trailblazing sense-makers, change-makers, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, strategists, and innovators who are ready to lead towards a regenerative era.


The world urgently needs sense-makers, change-agents, creatives, executives, HR professionals, coaches, consultants, architects – leaders from all walks of life – to dare blaze entirely new trails and rebuild our systems in new thriving and resilient ways.

Are you looking for the opportunity to step courageously into the emerging future? Are you longing for a community of kindred spirits to journey with and share with as you grow? Are you called to seize this unprecedented opportunity for renewal of our human values and the regeneration of our lives, organizations and planetary ecosystems?

If this is you, you’re invited to come along for a journey into unchartered territory. A journey that will activate your agency, capacity and ability to bring about change in your organisation.

We offer a creative space for you during this challenging time and inspire you with the knowledge, tools and wisdom needed to redesign our world – starting with ourselves – in inspiring spaces and small numbers that are fully covid-safe.


A leadership programme which bridges personal development and regenerative impact.
Practical application of knowledge to your business, impact projects or life.
Tools and practices which can be applied to implement impact and change.
Increased potential to be an ecosystemic acupuncturist, with an enhanced understanding of how to find key points of impact.
Understand how to design your business and life in coherence with the rythms of nature.


During this weekend we will explore the key pillars of creating a regenerative world, and help you find your unique focus for change, and accelerate your courage and confidence to act.

The Story of Separation

What is the root of our current crisis?

What has brought us to an existential crisis where the future of our species, and many others, are at risk of extinction?

We begin our journey by exploring the story of separation around the bonfire.

We will look at how separation between nature and humankind,  between race, gender, and nation, has divided us – and find ways we can help heal that divide.

Designing Living Systems

We explore the intelligence of nature to support us in our evolutionary journey.

We look at the principles of living systems and how we apply them to business.

We map our own personal ecosystems, and explore ways in which we can become ecosystem engineers.

We look at how our projects are nested in the systems in which we work and identify how we can how creater systemic impact.


Principles & Practices

What are the principles and practices that help us become better regenerative leaders?

We explore how to recreate nature’s principles in our leadership.

How to create mutual reciprocity; how to create collaborative energy rather than competitive energy; how to communicate with empathy and compassion.

How we create the ripple effects that change the world around us to create a regenerative future.

Who is this for?

  • Business owners, land owners and food producers who want to learn more about regenerative leadership to compliment their regenerative agricultural ambition.
  • Aspiring changemakers who want to deepen their confidence in regenerative thinking and practice.
  • Bold Creative Thinkers who want to deepen their leadership capacity to create systemic change and activate collective intelligence
  • Community leaders who want to accelerate their leadership to transform the way in which we live
  • Energetic entrepreneurs whose organisations are activating transformative social and ecological change
  • Courageous optimists who are ready to create change in the systems in front of them whether the social system, the food system, the education system, or even the political system



Saturday 31st October
8am Breakfast for earlybirds
9-10.30 The Story of Separation
10.30 Break
10.45-12.30 Aligning with Nature
12.30 Lunch
13.30-15.00 Being an Ecosystemic Acupuncturist
15.30 Break and tour of Nibthwaite Farm
16.30 Principles & Practices – How change happens
18.00 Close & break
19.00 Campfire dinner

IMPORTANT: the whole learning programme takes place outdoors at Nibthwaite Farm’s outdoor learning centre. Please come with warm clothing that is suitable or spending time outdoors at this time of year.
In order to ensure we operate a covid-secure environment, we can only invite 10 people to maintain social distancing. We provide hand sanitiser but please bring your own facemasks.



The Journey is designed to activate the three key lines of work which a regenerative practitioner must continuously focus on:

1) INNER LEADERSHIP: Your own personal development: Where do I need to grow and learn as an individual? How could I hold space for regenerative ways to emerge? How do I see the dynamics of masculine/feminine play out within me? How could I live regeneratively and in tune with the cycles of life? How could I create a daily practice that grounds me to act according to my values?

2) OUTER LEADERSHIP: We apply our regenerative practice and leadership to develop the regenerative potential of the projects (organizations, communities) we work on: What does leadership and business look like in a regenerative economy?  How do I vitalize and energize the culture in my organization/community? How do I see my role as an ecosystem-facilitator sensing into the potential to unleash stagnated energy? How do I activate the potential of diversity & Inclusion? How do I facilitate deeper connections in my community/organization? How does nature lead and what can I learn from nature’s ways?

3) SYSTEMIC LEADERSHIP: We work on the potential within our projects (organizations/communities) to enact systemic change in our economies and ecologies: How can our projects create systemic positive ripple effects? How can I gain a deeper understanding of the ecosystem implications of my projects and actions? How can I leverage the entire ecosystem towards regenerative transformation?


NIBTHWAITE GRANGE FARM, Ulveston, Lake District

October 31st, 2020

The home of Dodgson Wood produce, Nibthwaite Farm is owned and run by regenerative farmers Maria Benjamin and John Atkinson. The Atkinson’s have farmed Nibthwaite Grange for six generations and have lived in the surrounding area since records began six hundred years ago.

The farm specialises in conservation grazing, keeping traditional breeds of livestock including some rare breeds of cattle and sheep.

We’ll meet together as a small group of 10 aspiring Regenerators in the farm’s new learning centre built this Summer by students of The Grizedale Centre.



I am a regenerative strategist, trusted adviser and agent for change who walks side by side with brands, organisations, cities and leaders who want to be part of the movement to create a new regenerative economy.  As a strategist, facilitator and educator,  I harness the power of the collective intelligence of communities to co-create visions for the future they want – and find the vitalising energy, psychological safety and will to sustain long term change.

I care deeply about healing the story of separation between humanity and nature, and between humans themselves through divisive cultural, social and economic barriers. I believe strongly in the power of connection between people and place. My work helps to surface the bio-culturally unique stories of people and place which set and sustain vision to travel to tomorrow’s regenerative future

I am co-founder of The Really Regenerative Centre CIC – a community interest company helping business owners to develop resilient, integrated, and regenerative economies and ecologies through learning journeys which explore the potential of place. I designed The Regenerators Journey series for aspiring regenerative practitioners together with my colleague Laura Storm. I host Connectle’s Regenerative Business series of interviews, and the Activate The Future platform on Medium that shares regenerative stories and voices from around the world.”

As a lifelong systemic thinker, I have often been gifted the epithets  ‘dot-joiner’ ‘neo-generalist’  ‘sense-maker’ and ‘pattern weaver’. I call on 30+ years of experience developing communications strategies for change for global purpose-led brands and scale-ups. I hold an MBA from London Business School, MSc in Psychology, am a qualified Regenesis Regenerative Practitioner and applied Biomimicry for Social Innovation practitioner,  a founding member of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics Action Lab design team, and sit on the board of Coast2Capital the local economic partnership for Sussex and Surrey.